Pcb for cartridges

Apart from cartridge cases for 8-bit Atari, there are also PCBs for them on sale. They are based on XE GS banking scheme and standardly support up to 512 KB memory dice (personally I use SST39SF040-70-4C-PHE flash dice in DIP version).

The boards fit into cases offered by me, as well as into XE GS cases in Taiwan version. Standard boards are offered in two versions: board itself, and board assembled with chip holders. In the second case, you just need to insert the appropriate (programmed) chips into the socket and enjoy a working cartridge for Atari.

Unassembled version:

Number of piecesPLN/pcsEUR/pcsUSD/pcs
1 – 510,503,003,75
6 – 10102,803,50

Assembled version:

Nmber of piecesPLN/pcsEUR/pcsUSD/pcs
1 – 528,007,258,50
6 – 1026,006,758,00

The shipping cost is determined individually.

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